Exhibition Unit

Hi everyone, This term our UOI unit (Unit Of Inquiry) was based around a topic of our choice as long as the topic related to peace and conflict. We brainstormed ideas such as poverty, creative arts, the hippie movement and terrorism. I chose terrorism. We formed groups around our interests and I was with my … [Read more…]

Year 7 Orientation

As you probably know, I am a Year 6 student, meaning I go to high school next year. On Monday and Tuesday, the 9th and 10th of October, the students going to the same high school as me had an orientation. First off, we had three hours of all well testing. We took five tests; … [Read more…]

Chinese Cinderella

Hi everyone, In novel studies this term we have been reading Chinese Cinderella. It is about an unwanted Chinese girl and her struggle to prove her worth. The book had many aspects of Chinese culture. We researched Calligraphy and Foot Binding. We found some really interesting information we’d like to share. Calligraphy is an ancient … [Read more…]

Imagine if you were unwanted…

In Novel studies at the moment, we have been sorted into different groups, with four books to read. There is “The Boy Who Dared”, “Shahana”, “The Ruby Talisman” and “Chinese Cinderella”. I am reading “Chinese Cinderella”. It is about an unwanted little girl who is neglected and considered bad luck because her real mother died giving … [Read more…]

Passion Project reflection

The Passion Project phase has ended and now it is time for me to reflect on my project. I think that writing a book was a valuable experience and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed creating and changing my ideas and I got quite excited about certain plot twists. I think that my favourite thing … [Read more…]